Tiny House with Loft Design 6 x 8 Meters with 3 Bedrooms

Homlovely.com -- We present a tiny house idea that is more than ordinary, the work of Cozy Woodnest. Tiny house with an innovative and efficient concept featuring 3 bedrooms and an inviting rooftop patio or roof deck. This tiny house idea is great for families with adventurous adult or children.

Surprisingly, this tiny house design is projected for a limited area of 6 x 8 meters (520 sq ft), but with complete amenities to make living in a tiny house so comfortable and enjoyable. For more details, here is Tiny House with Loft Design 6 x 8 Meters with 3 Bedrooms.

Unique front facade design

© Cozy Woodnest

The front facade of this tiny house is so eye-catching. Make the most of every square inch by adding a loft floor as an additional bedroom. That's why, the house's design is unique, with a gable roof with a longer slope than a typical house, adjusting the loft dimensions there.

The rooftop patio ideas

The patio area look from the front, adds a touch of style and flexibility that's uncommon for such a tiny house design. This beautiful patio can be accessed from an outside spiral staircase and from the loft bedroom. A patio complete with outdoor entertainment features will offer a tranquil outdoor space to enjoy your relaxing time.

The rear view

© Cozy Woodnest

This home design is perfect from the front to back. The rear area has a back porch which can also be used as a place to unwind. The seating area is shaded by a transparent tempered glass roof which still provides natural light but protects the back porch from rain.

The ground floor plan

© Cozy Woodnest

The home designer (Cozy Woodnest) is so kind to include a detailed floor plan, which allows us visualize the layout of the house. The first floor is put to good use for common living space and two bedrooms. The living area area, which includes a dining area and a fully functional kitchen, is located on the first floor. 

The first floor consists of:
  • The front and back porch,
  • the small garden of 2.92 m x 0.7 m,
  • living area, dining area, and kitchen of 3.075 m x 8.65 m,
  • the first bedroom with a size of 3.00 m x 3.075 m,
  • the bathroom,
  • the second bedroom with a size of 3.00 m x 3.075 m.

The loft floor plan

© Cozy Woodnest

This tiny house is special with a loft-floor bedroom or third bedroom. This loft bedroom has an outside entrance. A loft bedroom not only adds functional space, but it also creates a fun and unique space. The upper floor is made of the following rooms:
  • the loft bedroom with a size of 3.00 m x 4.575 m,
  • the patio/roof deck with a size of 2.925 m x 7.65 m.

Interior design reference

The interior of this tiny house will give you a comfortable and flexible quality of life. The first room is a living area with an elongated sofa, minimalist coffee table, and TV backdrop. The living area also has an aesthetic touch with arsty wall frames that display nicely.

Neat open-plan scheme

© Cozy Woodnest

The first floor is used for shared areas, so it's not wrong to apply the open-plan concept here. The room is well-arranged, separating the living area from the kitchen using a large shelf with free space on it. This layout makes the room feel spacious.

The kitchen uses an L-shaped layout with shades of woody tones and white to match this open-plan design in a nice and neat way.

The bedroom reference

The three bedrooms in this house (two on the first floor and one on the loft floor) area not too small. You can set it in a modern design like the picture above. Applying accent lighting with a striped effect, which gives the bedroom an exotic and stylish look.

Author : Yeni

Editor : Munawaroh

Source : Cozy Woodnest

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