Small House Design 2 Storey with Deck | 4.5 x 10.65m | 2 Bedroom

Small House Design 2 Storey with Deck | 4.5 x 10.65m | 2 Bedroom -- A 2-storey house can be an affordable housing option for millennials. It has a cute design with complete facilities for a small family. The following "Small House Design 2 Storey with Deck | 4.5 x 10.65m | 2 Bedroom" can be an interesting inspiration for a dream home. 

Facade Design

Facade Design

It looks great with two floors. With a width of 4 meters, this house has a large terrace and balcony area. Using neutral colors, white, beige, black make the house look minimalist and elegant. More beautiful with the combination of natural stone that we see on the balcony wall.

Side and Rear View of The House

Side and Rear View

From this perspective, we can see that the balcony area extends to the side of the house. Still using a combination of matching natural stones, it fits perfectly with the green area around it. The side and back of the house look clean. It has quite a lot of windows and ventilation, there is an exit at the back and a semi-outdoor laundry area as well. 

Roof Design

Roof Design

Matching the minimalist and simple theme, this house uses a flat roof model that is quite affordable. This roof does look wide, although the balcony area is not fully protected and makes the balcony a semi-outdoor area. In addition to the main roof, there are also solar panels that help generate electrical energy for the house. Very eco-friendly!

Floor Plan

1st Floor Plan
This minimalist house has a size of 4.5 x 10.65 meters, with a total building area of 96 sqm. Having a neat arrangement makes every corner can be functioned optimally. The first floor has facilities such as a living room, dining room, kitchen and bathroom. Using an open space concept that makes the room feel spacious.


2nd Floor Plan

The second floor is used for bedrooms. There is also a spacious balcony connected to the master bedroom. If you're interested in a house like this, it would require an estimated cost of 2.4M pesos or $50,000 USD. However, this is only the price for standard finishing, and not the exact price. Prices may vary depending on the region, labor cost, material cost, etc.



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