52.5 Sqm Small House Design 2 Bedrooms with Roof Deck

Homlovely.com -- Home designs with roof decks are worth discussing. It offers stylish modern living, even for small houses. We present ideas for a small house with two bedrooms on 52.5 square meters of land suitable for a family home. It has a simple exterior and interior design that makes it affordable to build. Check out the complete information below!

A house with charming roof deck

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This house is designed in a minimalist style. It is bright and welcoming, with a white exterior and fine wood accents. The roof deck, which is maximized on the roof of the porch deck, is a unique feature of the front of the house. This relaxing deck is accessible via the straight, slender stairs installed just behind the porch.

The floor plan reference

This is a floor plan for a 52.5-square-meter house. It has a rectangular floor plan and four main rooms. The largest room is used for open-concept living space, combining the living area, dining area, and kitchen. A bathroom is surrounded by two bedrooms. The layout is simple but adequate for small family living.

Living area design ideas

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This living room boasts a bright, minimalist theme. The interior has white walls and cool tile flooring, will welcome residents with a sense of hospitality. This house may be small, but it is equipped with glass windows that will provide more natural light to make the house bright the day and save electricity costs.

Dining area design ideas

After the living area, there is the dining area. You can apply Muji's lightweight and space-saving furniture concept to the dining area. A classic wooden table with four standard chairs is comfortable for enjoying your meal together. The dining area is distinguished by the wooden slats and pendant lights.

L-shaped kitchen design ideas

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The kitchen takes up a corner of the room. Its L-shaped layout makes this space feel open and airy. The kitchen features a wooden cabinet design that contrast nicely with the surrounding white shades. The kitchen design in this small 52.5 sqm house already has a stove, sink, and a small preparation table to support cooking.

The Master Bedroom

The master bedroom has an equally appealing sense of space. This bedroom has a window overlooking the garden view that will refresh the mind and soul. Incorporate a creative element into this bedroom by installing pendant lights with a glowing effect that add an aesthetic and warm touch.

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