Simple House Design One-Storey 7 x 7 Meters and Floor Plan


Simple House Design One-Storey 7 x 7 Meters and Floor Plan -- A simple home design begins with the proper structure, materials, spatial arrangement, and budget. This home design is 7 x 7 meters in size, with neat space details and an elegant facade appearance. This one-story house has a fully finished interior, which you can see in this review:

Facade design

The design of the house's facade with this simple model has a strong appearance. Minimalist elegant color exterior with eye-catching details. Selected materials, such as natural stone and exposed cement, are also depicted in detail on the terrace. The exterior of this house has a small garden area near the residence that is close to the house building. Industrial nuances also contribute to the concept of a modern house.

Detail design

With outdoor lighting, the facade model of this house is clearly visible at night. The details are clear using slate stone for the wall terrace. The house's terrace is slightly elevated to make it more visible. Similarly, the house pillar model is used to pump the terrace deck. The small building area is balanced by a large yard, ensuring that the rash remains fresh and appears spacious.

A view from the side

This is a side view of a minimalist one-story house as seen through a fairly large window. The house is well-organized, with a side garden and a terrace for outdoor activities. Furthermore, this side section is used for access to the house's yard via additional pavement of concrete walkways.

Details on the floor plan

This 7 x 7 meter house has detailed space with a very clear size, public space is made an open plan concept so that it is still clearly visible between the kitchen and dining room. Interior concepts like this are frequently applied to small house sizes to make other spaces more private.

Room layout

Despite its small size of 7 x 7 meters, this one-story house can be the start of a new beginning for your family. This house still has perfect details. It has two bedrooms separated by bathrooms. The public area, which serves as a living room, can also serve as a family TV room, and the kitchen and dining room are combined in one space. For an easier outdoor area, use the front area as a terrace as well as a carport.

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