Simple House Design Ideas 6 x 6 Meters and 2 Bedroom

Simple House Design Ideas 6 x 6 Meters and 2 Bedroom -- Even though it is narrow, having a small house measuring 6 x 6 meters looks very appealing and creates a distinct impression. This house will be a comfortable home that can be used as an example of a family home. Complete facilitation will be very comfortable, so consider building a house on limited land.

Facade details

The elegant facade display gives the impression of being minimalist. The use of an elegant exterior that is more contrasting is quite equipped with maximum exterior lights. The addition of natural stone as a material mix in the facade area adds a nice touch to the details. The combination of glass materials is ideal for a neat and simple house model.

 Roof facade

This house has a half-sloping roof that is high, upright, and sturdy. The details are very unique, and you can use a variety of materials. For example, clay tiles, asphalt, or concrete flats. To make the room brighter, combine it with a glass roof.

 Living room design

The living room in this house is designed in a modern style. It looks very nice with the minimalist white element. Starting with the use of sofas and wall decor. Using solar lighting from the direction of the glass window, this room appears more fresh and spacious.

Open plan interior

This 6 x 6 house prioritizes a larger and more open floor plan. This concept is popular in many minimalist, modern, and small home designs because it allows for easy activity. Many factors can be considered for homeowners like this, particularly the concept of space and lighting.

Floor plan

This 6 x 6 meter house has complete room details, including two bedrooms, a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, a bathroom and toilet, a terrace, and a laundry area. The size is shown in the floor plan details above.

Laundry room

This house makes the most of the remaining land, especially in the outdoor area. This space is dedicated to washing and drying clothes. The combination of the glass canopy and wooden frame is ideal for a simple modern home like this one.

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