Roof Deck House Design Ideas with Floor Plan -- The design of a one-story house with a roof deck is indeed interesting and much liked. If you are one of the many who like it, the following home designs will be very interesting for you to follow. A design that looks beautiful will be liked by anyone, not only by the owner. Check the design on Roof Deck House Design Ideas with Floor Plan.



House facade design

The first appearance is the facade design. The facade of this house appears with a design that has a natural concept with natural stone that dominates several parts of the walls and pillars. The combination with the garden would be perfect for creating a home that is fresh and pleasing to the eye.

What's interesting about the design of this house is the roof deck that can be used as a functional area by the owner. There is a spiral staircase as access to the roof deck. Choosing a design with matching colors on the stairs and roof deck railing makes the facade of the house look neat and elegant. With a few extra chairs or sofas, this roof deck will become a favorite for the whole family.

For the roof design, besides having a roof deck, there are other parts that are designed with a simple roof model. At the highest point, there is a roof with a sloping design that looks like part of a gable. Meanwhile, the roof design adjacent to the roof deck is made flat but still has a slope to drain rainwater so it doesn't stagnate on the roof deck.

The total size of this house design is 8 x 11 meters with several rooms in it. There is a spacious living room that is very comfortable for guests and gives a good impression. In addition there is a dining room, kitchen, washing room, 2 bathrooms and 3 bedrooms. You can see the details of the plan and its dimensions in the image above. 






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