Modest Exterior of 100sqm Minimalist Nordic House On Budget

Modest Exterior of 100sqm Minimalist Nordic House On Budget -- The exterior of the house is one of the important aspects to make an attractive home impression. The following "Modest Exterior of 100sqm Minimalist Nordic House On Budget" discusses the exterior of a Nordic-style house complete with some illustrations of the construction process. Let's check it out!



Front View of The House

Front View

The concept or style of Nordic home design, or it can also be called Scandinavian, is one of the trending and popular styles. It is characterized by a simple look, but also looks elegant and clean. Seen from the front of this house has a modern and beautiful design with a large glass window model, and a spacious roof deck.



 Spacious Parking Area

Parking Area

The appearance of this house also adapts the Japanese minimalist muji style in the round window design and also the sliding glass door. Not only beautiful, but also very space-saving. It has a small terrace, as well as a large parking area. This parking area is protected by a roofdeck that also functions as a canopy roof.



Left View of The House

Left Side View

This is the left view of the house. There is a spacious roof deck, with an equally spacious parking area below. To get to this roofdeck there is a staircase. A unique staircase with a circular design. Don't worry because there is a railing that makes it safe. The roofdeck is also surrounded by a fairly high iron railing.



 Rear View of the House

Rear View

In harmony with the front of the house. The back of the house also has large windows with glass and chic wooden frames. Still with the dominant white color with a combination of warm earthy tones, making this house feel homey. There are no excessive decorations. There are only a few wall lights around the house to make it feel bright and safer.

Right Side View of the House

Right Side View

There are no unnecessary decorations on the right side. There is only a fairly large glass window, from here we can also see more details of the front facade with large glass. In addition to the large glass, there is also a combination of wooden lattices that make this house even more attractive and charming!

Construction Process

Facade Construction

The following are some example images if this design is applied in real life. It can be seen that the construction process is already far away, the facade of the house has been formed very clearly, complete with a roof deck that matches the appearance of the 3D design.


Detailing Process

Once the facade of the house is established, start for the more detailed building process. The picture above is the process of installing the wooden lattice on the facade. Next, the window frames and glass can be installed. For the estimated price of this 100 sqm land is 2.6 million baht. This house is planned to have 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.



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