4×7 Meters Small House with Loft Bed Shed Roof

Homlovely.com -- Small size is indeed one of the obstacles when wanting to build a comfortable home. However, there is no problem that has no solution. The small size you have can have comfortable facilities by building 2 floors. This time the house design idea has a size of 4x7 meters which has a comfortable balcony to relax on. For design details, check the 4×7 Meters Small House with Loft Bed Shed Roof.

House facade design

For the first design, namely the front facade. This 2-storey house has a simple and timeless appearance. The use of this design will be very suitable for rural and urban areas. Let's take a closer look at the design. This 2-storey house model has a height that is intended to keep the house clean and minimize the risk of flooding that occurs during the rainy season. In addition, the selection of soft colors is perfect with the color of the wood in some parts.

Roof design

Then for the roof design, a flat roof model with a slight slope is the perfect arrangement to maintain a minimalist look on the facade of the house. The right slope also allows water to flow more smoothly during the rainy season so as to minimize leakage.

Floor plan design

Before looking at the interior details, let's take a look at the floor plan that this house design has. The size of 4x7 meters will be very small and will not have a complete room if it is not built into 2 floors. For the ground floor area, there is a living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. Meanwhile, on the second floor there is a bedroom which is also equipped with a work space. See the layout and size in more detail in the image above.

Interior design

As for the interior design, this is a view from the ground floor area. There is a small living room in front of the stairs. This area is also adjacent to the dining room and kitchen which are small but still function optimally. The choice of white and wood makes the room feel warmer and more spacious. The addition of several windows is very important for small house designs like this.

Loft bedroom design

Meanwhile, this is an example of a bedroom design on the second floor. This area is only designated as a bedroom equipped with a work space so it has a room that feels very spacious. Apart from that, this area also has access to a balcony so it feels like a VIP room in this house.






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