Modern Farmhouse Ideas American Style 1.39 Sq Ft

Modern Farmhouse Ideas American Style 1.39 Sq Ft -- The idea of designing a house in the American farm style is intriguing. Despite its rarity, this style house will make an impression with its neat interior design. Furthermore, comfort is a major consideration for farmhouse designs that look modern and maximize space.

Details on the facade

This house has a lovely facade, a large size, and a welcoming atmosphere. The use of a white exterior with a touch of gray is mixed and matched to give the house a more modern appearance. Some textures of farmhouses also clearly frame the house, such as the presence of wood panel material, leveled pillars, and a high terrace. There are stairs for house access, making the yard wider and more open.

Home terrace specifications


This is a better and closer look at the house. The details include the use of wood and protective elements for the terrace in the form of an iron trellis. The roof was built in the style of a farmhouse but with stronger materials to make it more modern. Farmhouses with unique roof details are anything but traditional.



This house, with an area of 1.39 sq ft, has a floor plan that is ideal for a family. There are two bedrooms, each with its own bathroom. The first interior is designed with an open plan concept to appear spacious. Others include laundry rooms and terraces that are ideal for outdoor gardens.

Interior design

This is the first interior in a flexible home where guests and family can congregate. The design incorporates a classic American modern theme as well as some vibrant family-friendly details. Such as the use of wood for furniture and glass windows for light access.

Design of a kitchen

Following that is the home kitchen, which has been designed in a modern and American style. Still very lovely with glossy nuances, as well as an island kitchen model with a mini bar. When viewed more closely, the ceiling model is integrated into the roof frame, ensuring that the house's shape remains firm and clear.



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