Cheap 7x7 m Small House Design Ideas with 2 Bedroom and Swimming Pool -- Having a comfortable home is of course a priority. Even with a small size, you can still have it perfectly when using the right design. For example, for this 7 x 7 meter house, a room with complete facilities such as two rooms feels even more impressive when it has a swimming pool. For details that you can follow, check out Cheap 7x7 m Small House Design Ideas with 2 Bedroom and Swimming Pool.



House facade design

When viewed from the facade, this house design combines several styles, namely minimalism with a tropical touch that feels fresh but still warm. The additional lattice on the front porch makes the area look more shady and comfortable when you want to spend time relaxing. In addition, this house design has a swimming pool in the front yard, which is not large but will be loved by children.



Interior design

 The small size of this house requires smart calculations to be able to present a functional interior. This is the kitchen area and dining table, which are made to blend together with a beautiful combination of white and wood. In addition, the area also has large windows that add a spacious feel to the room.



Service area

 Another area of the house is a small living room with a black sofa that matches the wall decor. As you head to the right from the main door, you will find the bathroom and washing machine with storage, making it look neat.


Bedroom design

The house has 2 bedrooms and this is one of the bedroom designs. Despite its small size, this bedroom looks so cozy with its smart furniture arrangement. The choice of colors and the touch of beautiful decorations make this bedroom feel warmer and more soothing.


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Editor       : Munawaroh
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