Small House Design Ideas With 2 Bedroom So Look Cozy - This small house has a cozy look with an interesting mix of colors. This small house has a complete room and is indeed used for you with a small family. There is a living room, dining room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. So that it does have a room that is maximized enough to be used for a small family. With the right design and arrangement, it will certainly make a small house look more spacious.

Facade Design

The facade of this house has a combination of gray, white and natural wood colors that make the appearance more charming. With this attractive facade, it can present an attractive atmosphere. This house also uses a gable roof so that it can absorb heat maximally and make the atmosphere in the house look cooler.

Living Room

This center room is deliberately made without a partition that will make the appearance more spacious. This room consists of a living room using a dark sofa bed with an L letter shape so that it can maximize the existing space. This living room is also equipped with a TV that does use a shelf with a simple design.


Dining Room & Kitchen 

A dining room with a neutral color chair set can bring a modern and elegant atmosphere. This dining room is also located near the kitchen so that it is easier to access. For this kitchen using a natural color kitchen set that makes it look fresher and more comfortable. 

Bedroom Design

This bedroom using a gray and white mattress can bring a modern impression. This master bedroom has a large enough size so you can maximize its function. This bedroom has a window with a large enough size so that it can maximize the lighting that enters the house. 

Bedroom 1 Design

This bedroom has facilities that are certainly different from the master bedroom. For this bedroom, there is a study room with a simple look. There is a storage cabinet with a small but elegant size. As well as shelves attached to the wall for placing room decorations. 

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