Modern Small Stilts House Ideas with Clever Layout -- Although considered old-fashioned, stilt houses have several advantages that are known to minimize the risk during earthquakes. There is an empty space under the house, making the building not touch the ground directly and less affected during an earthquake. However, the old-fashioned appearance of a stilt house is one of the things that needs to be reconsidered. Therefore, here is a stilt house design idea with a modern style that you can make a reference. Check out Modern Small Stilts House Ideas with Clever Layout.

House facade design

This house design has an attractive exterior appearance with the use of a modern minimalist style that makes the house look elegant and stylish. The application of natural colors is also able to give a more homey and warm impression. Additional wall lights will be perfect for the exterior of this house. 

For the function that this exterior area has, there is an outdoor living room equipped with a sofa and a small table as facilities. Then, don't forget the railing design that maximizes the safety of this stilt house.

Small balcony design

As it has a loft area, this home design has a small, functional balcony. Unlike most balconies that are located at the front, the balcony in this house is at the back which can be used as a private and relaxing lounge area. This balcony is connected to the bedroom in the loft area.

Living room design

This living room is at the very front and can be found when you first open the door. In addition, its location near the stairs requires proper furniture arrangement to keep it functioning optimally without disturbing the access around it. What's interesting about this home design is that there is a small garden under the stairs so that it can spread freshness.

Dining table and kitchen

This area is also at the front, opposite the living room. However, this area still looks good using a wood-colored partition that matches the surrounding interior. The small kitchen looks interesting when it has a dining table that is designed more uniquely and modernly like a bar counter.

Loft bedroom design

Besides having a bedroom on the ground floor, this home design also has a loft area that is used as a bedroom. Additional railings and windows are important components for this area. If you want to look more closed, additional curtains would be an interesting idea for this bedroom.

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