Build Simple Farmhouse Design 5,8 x 5,8 M (34 Sqm)


Build Simple Farmhouse Design 5,8 x 5,8 M (34 Sqm) -- A bungalow house with a simple country house-style design can be an attractive option. This small house is suitable for living alone or together with your beloved partner. With its small size, this house is quite affordable. Curious about the review? Let's check out this " Build Simple Farmhouse Design 5.8 x 5.8 M (34 Sqm)".

Front View


From the look of this front view of the house, this house is designed with the concept of a country house. This house was built using wooden materials. At the front there is a small veranda with an iron fence and stairs. This house has a door and window model made of glass with a fairly thin white frame. This house also looks simple and minimalist without using unnecessary decorations.

Top View

This is a view of the house from the top. This house still looks simple and minimalist without using excessive building lines. Using a gable roof with a simple design and affordable price. This blue roof is an interesting point of view of the house.



Open Plan Concept 

Because of its small size, this house uses an open plan concept without room dividers. With this, the room will look more spacious and you can move more freely. From here we can see that there is a living room as well as a dining room and kitchen. 

The interior design of this house is quite interesting with the characteristics of a country-style house. Part of the wall is made of wood. The floor uses gray ceramics. For lighting, this house is equipped with a hidden lamp on the ceiling. This house also has many windows, so that air circulation runs well and the room does not feel cramped.




This house is designed with 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom. This bedroom is located right next to the living room. The design is also simple without using excessive decorations. This bedroom feels comfortable with complete facilities. There is a king-sized bed, a TV, and a workspace. The window next to the bed makes the room feel fresh and also bright with natural lighting.

House Plan


As seen in the picture above, this tiny house has a size of 5.8 x 5.8 meters with a total area of 34 sqm. This small house uses an open plan concept without using a room divider, so it feels more spacious. Here are the highlights of the size of each room:

Terrace : 2.89 x 1.5 meters

Livingroom, Kitchen and Dining Area : 2.89 x 5.36 meters

Bedroom : 2.9 x 3.56 meters

Bathroom : 3.5 x 2.12 meters

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