One-Storey Minimalist House Design in 50-60 m2 (Home Tour)


One-Storey Minimalist House Design in 50-60 m2 (Home Tour) -- Inspiration for home design can come from anywhere, including these "One-Storey Minimalist House Design in 50-60 m2 (Home Tour)" that we have prepared this time. The house was inspired by @littlehousedevelopment, which is one of the modern houses with an area of about 50 to 60 square meters. Are you curious about the review? Let's keep going!

The house's frontage


The first thing we'll talk about is the house's exterior. Because the facade is located on the outside, it is critical to make a good impression on others. This house's facade is designed in a minimalist Scandinavian style. The walls and floor are made of cement and wood. The use of warm earth tone colors is also very appealing. Without the use of trellises, windows and doors are designed with a height. 

Open Space Area


When we first enter the house, we will find a room with an interesting open space concept. The sections of the living room and dining room are designed together without the use of a room divider partition. This type of partitionless design is ideal for making a big impression in a small space. 

Continuing with the minimalist theme, the interior in this room is filled with various white multifunctional furniture as well as earth tones. A glass door in the middle of the room faces the side of the house. The air circulation in this room is also improved by this door, which allows the room to receive maximum sunlight during the day.



The kitchen is located in the very back of this house. This kitchen is laid out in a single line. This layout will allow us to move more freely in a narrow area that extends, such as this kitchen area. This kitchen also looks lovely with its wooden cooking utensils and furniture. A door at the end of the kitchen leads to the side of the house. This glass door also lets in a lot of natural light during the day, and the air circulation is still adequate.



The bathroom in this house is also very beautiful, despite the fact that it is designed in a minimalist style. This bathroom is split into two sections. One of them is a dry area with a seated closet and a sink. The other area is a wet area, specifically the shower area. A minimalist frameless glass bulkhead separates the two areas. Not to mention that the bathroom has a window, which improves air circulation. To provide additional privacy, these windows are outfitted with vertical blind curtains.


The bedroom will be the final topic we will review. The bedroom in this house has a minimalist design with white walls. This room also has a wooden bed with a fairly large springbed, which can accommodate two people. A white bedcover and a few gray and beige pillows round out the look of this room, making it even more appealing. Aside from the bed, there is a small side table and a large window with upholstered curtains. Then, next to the window, there's a multifunctional wooden shelf for storing your items.

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