7 Modern Wide-Front House Design Ideas for Wide & Shallow Lots


7 Modern Wide-Front House Design Ideas for Wide & Shallow Lots

Homlovely.com -- Having more land is generally better when it comes to real estate. A lot's width plays a significant role in determining the value of real estate. A larger lot allows for a larger house and often allows for more space between homes or buildings. As long as the zoning allows it, wide lots also enable decent parking on front streets or the construction of duplexes on the lot. Get ideas from these "7 Modern Wide-Front House Design Ideas for Wide & Shallow Lots". Check this out!

Wide-front house design in Japanese style


The first design we'll talk about is a Japanese-style house. Because this house sits on a large enough plot of land, it appears to be wide in the front. This Japanese-style house has a distinct minimalist aesthetic that is typical of Japan. Earth tones are also used in the colors, which are combined to create a simple and modern look. The black-framed window and door models are stunning and appealing. The carport is large and has a modern roof shape. 

Wide front house design with rustic theme


Because of its unique appearance, the rustic theme is quickly becoming popular. Despite its traditional appearance, the rustic theme is now widely used in the construction of modern homes. The natural appearance of the house with natural stone elements and wood is the hallmark of the rustic theme. You can also use this rustic style in a house with a broad appearance, as shown in the image above. 

This home has a contemporary gable roof with poles on both sides. The walls and floors of this house then have a natural stone theme that gives off a natural impression. The doors and windows are also modern, with a fairly wide shape and trellis. The two lights on the side of the door give this house a more homey and cozy aesthetic appeal.

Wide-front house design with scandinavian concept


The Scandinavian concept is a home concept that originated in Nordic countries; thus, this style is also known as Nordic design style at times. This concept emphasizes a simple and minimalist appearance. This straightforward appearance can be seen in the design of the house's facade. This house has a combination roof, which includes a gable roof on the house and a flat roof on the carport. The combination of white and soft colors in Scandinavian design feels cleaner.

Wide-front house design with a modern flat roof


A flat roof is common in houses with modern designs. Flat roofs are typically used in houses with a modern industrial concept. With its simple but modern appearance, the flat roof appears clean. This is one of the modern flat-roofed houses. This house is built on a large scale. This house has two terraces, one of which is connected to the entrance. There is a large carport right next to the terrace. This house is also quite spacious because it has a grassy yard in front of it.

Modern house with natural stone combination


The next design is a modern house with a combination of natural stones. This combination makes the house appear both natural and modern. The use of a flat roof gives this house a modern appearance. With its black frame, the large window design is also appealing. Green plants are also used as air conditioning around the house. 

Pre-fabricated house design


If you want something simple and easy, try a house with a pre-fab model, as shown above. Pre-fab houses come in a variety of sizes and styles that can be tailored to your specific needs and desires. If you have enough land, you can choose from a variety of prefab house designs. Prefab houses are popular due to their simple appearance and simple manufacturing process because they are finished from the manufacturer and require only interior design.

Modern homes with extra privacy


This modern house design is the end of our review this time. This modern home with a large front display has a lot of privacy security. This is evident in the design of a fairly high fence in one section of the house. The house is built with a modern combined gable model. The house feels cool with hanging plants on the house's fence. The combination of white and gray is very beautiful and interesting to look at. 

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