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Hsdesain.com -  Spider plants are plants that have long, curved, thin green and white leaves on the edges of the leaves. This plant looks beautiful if placed in the room. In addition to having beautiful leaves, this plant has easy maintenance so it is suitable to be placed in the House. You can put it in living room, bathroom, kitchen etc. To be more clear about Growing Spider Plant in Home see below

About Spider Plant

This beautiful spider plant has small white flowers on long stems. This plant can grow indoors by being placed on soil or water media. This plant also has the benefit of purifying the air in the house so that it makes your home healthy and clean.


This plant can be grown in a potting mix with soil medium. This plant loves moisture so you can also use an aqueous medium. This plant does not like direct sunlight because it can burn the tips of the leaves, making the leaves unhealthy. This spider plant can also be in outdoor plants that are put in a dim place.


For the growth of this spider plant in the early stages of its growth water every two times a day. When the summer then what you notice is to maintain soil moisture so that it can encourage its growth. You can also use fertilizer every two months in the summer and do not overdo it because it causes the plant to die.

Pests / Diseases

This spider plant is prone to burns on the tips of its leaves caused by dry soil, low humidity, salt accumulation. So you need to keep the soil moist and avoid watering using chlorinated water. To remove brown spots on the leaves then you can use nails to scrape the brown leaves.

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