Minimalist House Design Ideas for Stylish Look and Cozy Living (7 x 15 M) -- Having a small house is certainly not a problem if it is well designed and decorated. To create a home with the right function and the right layout, you need to have a design first as a plan. For house ideas that have amazing designs and you can copy the concept, check Minimalist House Design Ideas for Stylish Look and Cozy Living (7 x 15 M).

House facade design

This house has a modern facade with a combination of black and wood that looks very suitable. The modern style of this house can also be seen from the use of stationary windows that make the impression more elegant and clean. The addition of a small garden in front of this house is also a touch that makes the house look not monotonous.

Roof design ideas

The roof design used in this house also has a stylish and modern look by using a flat roof model. The black color is still a mainstay to increase the harmony of the appearance of the house from various angles. This roof elevation model is also made to match the building structure and the room inside.

Ground floor plan

As for the exterior, the house has a small garden and a carport. As for the interior, there are several rooms such as the living room, family room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, garden, and master bedroom which has bathroom facilities in it.

Second floor plan

For the second floor area, there are not many rooms in it, but will add some rooms to complement the facilities of the house. In this area, there are 2 children's bedrooms with one bathroom. The void design in this house also makes the room feel more spacious and has good air circulation.

Floor plan with size (Ground Floor)

In more detail, the first floor area has some very important main rooms that are just the right size and comfortable. 

  • Living room with a size of 3 x 4 meters
  • Family room with a size of 5 x 4 meters
  • Kitchen and mini bar with a size of 3.5 x 3 meters
  • Master bedroom with size 5.5 x 3 meters
  • And several other rooms that have detailed sizes in the picture.

Floor plan with size (Second Floor)

for the second floor area has an area of different size when compared to the ground floor. Half the size of the first floor is the possible area of the second floor. There are only a few rooms with a size of :

  • 2 bedrooms with a size of 1.5 x 2.5 meters
  • Bathroom with a size of 1.5 x 2 meters





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