7 Cool Chair Planter Ideas For Small Garden


Homlovely.com - For those of you who have limited land so it is difficult to make a garden then you can use the chair as a planting medium. Chairs with various materials you can turn into something useful and beautiful of course. You can take advantage of the seating part of the chair and paint it with various pretty colors. For more details you can see the inspiration below

Using Dry Grass

conttage at the crossroads

For the first idea, you can use a chair with wood material that is painted bright red. Then for the planting medium you can add dry grass that is made in a circle to make it look more beautiful and unique. You can use plants that have beautiful flowers so that they are brighter in combination with red chairs.

Fuschia Chair


Chairs using this fuschia color look beautiful and bright. You can put it next to the house or in the garden. Chairs using wood material in fuschia paint so it looks beautiful. You can choose plants with colorful flowers that will display a charming impression.

Tosca Chair


Utilizing a chair as a small garden solution next is to use a chair that is painted in bright tosca colors. This unique chair design makes the look more aesthetic. You can use the seat as a place to plant flowers with a bright red color. You can put this plant chair in front of the house or in the garden.

Ancient Chair

jared n jenn pennell 

Home chair with an ancient design you can use as a place to plant plants. This chair with original design and color looks charming. To add a classic impression you can add a classic lamp. Choose plants with bright flowers as in the picture, namely the combination of purple and white makes the look more beautiful.

Shaped Planter With Succulent

the succulent electic

You can also use this plant chair as a place to plant succulents. Succulent plants of various types look beautiful combined with red chairs. Chairs using this wood material look sturdy and beautiful with red paint. Succulents plants with various types and shapes also add a charming impression.

Unique Chair Design

roxanne marchese

The chair using a unique design makes it look more attractive. Chairs that have a look without finishing makes it more artistic. To add a different impression you can apply decorative flowers. As for plants, choose flowers with bright colors such as purple, yellow, blue etc .

Metal Material Chair

grace lockwood

In addition to using a chair with wood material you can also choose a metal chair. Chairs that use red paint make the look more cheerful. You can also choose plants with matching flower colors so that they look beautiful and charming. For the planting medium you can use a container that is inserted into the seat.

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