7 Beautiful Green Fence Line Landscape Ideas


Homlovely.com - The fence of the house is very important in a house building because it has a function to increase the security of the house, both residents and property in it. In the process of making the fence of the House does require material with good quality and also has strong durability. Fences can also be used to add beauty to the House. Fence design does not always use iron or wood but you can also make a guardrail using plants.

Snake Plant Fence

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You can use the snake plant as a house hedge. Snake plants have an elongated leaf shape with green leaves and unique patterns that will make your home more beautiful. This plant also has many benefits as well as easy maintenance so it is suitable to be placed outdoors.

Garden Fence


Making a garden as a home fence is a good solution for you to apply. Garden fence with various types of plants make the atmosphere of the house becomes more fresh and beautiful. You can take advantage of a vertical garden so that it does not take up much space. For maintenance you can water every morning or evening.

Cactus Fence

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Using cacti for home fences can be an increasingly charming home. Cactus with a large size fits in place outdoors. Because indeed cacti can store water so you can simply water them every 3 times a day. You can add pretty brown colored rocks.

Bamboo Fence


Bamboo has a sturdy stem and towering is often used for hedges. You can plant this bamboo straight parallel according to the length of your home. Bamboo has a fairly easy care because it is suitable if placed outdoors. You can customize the theme of the house you want to take. If using a natural theme then bamboo is suitable to be used as a fence.

Red Shoots Fence


Red shoots are a type of shrub that has a characteristic feature in the leaves. The plant has red and green leaves.  This plant is suitable for use as a garden fence because it has beautiful leaves. So it will increase the attractive effect for your home. This plant also has an easy care you can simply water it every morning then often trim the stems and leaves that start to dry.

Lee Kwan Yew Fence


Lee kwan yew is a vine that is widely used for fencing. Having small green leaves makes this plant suitable for placing on fences. This plant has an easy care you can water it twice a day then trim the stems that are starting to dry out. The thing you should pay attention to is the importance of giving spacing so that it does not accumulate and get beautiful results.

Bassia Scoparia Fence

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Beautiful plants to be used as the next fence is Bassia Scoparia Fence. The plant has small bright green leaves. This plant loves sunlight so it is suitable to be placed outdoors. You can plant it in a parallel shape so it will look beautiful. You can do watering every morning or evening so that it looks healthy and beautiful.

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