7 Tips On How To Build Fairy Garden In A Pot

 Homlovely.com - Fairy garden is enchanted realm that you must have if you wanna improve and get beauty in your home area. I know, it's sound perfect for child, but you adult people or teenagers also suitable use this fairy garden concept at home. 

No matter to that fairy garden at outdoor or miniature at indoor area, you can have it. Look at these 7 Tips On How To Build a Fairy Garden In A Pot. Check it out!

Make Plan


The first step for creating fairy garden, you must have plan. Like what the media that you wanna create this fairy garden. On the ground at yard, pot/container, and other. 

And then, the location, like at outdoor or indoor area. 

Next, you must get plan, what the accessories that you wanna install at fairy garden? 

Don't forget with plants that you will grow in this fairy garden.

Specify the Concept


After get the plan, you can get into next step. You can make specify about the fairy garden. Like get specify the entrance of fairy garden, consider what you wanna fill the entrance or growing vines for the example. 

Use Miniature


In the fairy garden, you can add miniature like animal's statue, home artificial, and other. You also can add real stone or fake stone that can help to decorate this fairy garden. Use great arrangement for the miniature that can improve the accent of fairy garden.

Halloween Style


This picture is one of example for fairy garden concept. Using Halloween theme perfect to put at your indoor or apply at your outdoor garden. Besides growing plant, you can decorate this fairy garden with Halloween artificial like pumpkin, ghost, and other.

Fairy Garden in Small Pot


Growing fairy garden in pot or container maybe use more effort. Like make the miniature of accessories using small or very small size. 

You just need to find the container and then, put soil and grow the plants. Then, decorate this fairy garden according to your plan and concept.

Stone Pot for Fairy Garden


Besides container or pot, you can use stone for the media to grow plant or create fairy garden. Firstly, you must shape the stone into your liking. 

Then, start to put soil and grow plants and decorate it. You can also put corals or gravels to cover the soil in this stone pot for pretty looks.

Nice Arrangement for Mini Fairy Garden


Lastly, you must make good arrangement for fairy garden. Although fairy garden in container or outdoor area. 

Because arrangement can mean with last touch that can determine the view of this fairy garden. So, you will have stunning and eye-catching garden at your home area.

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Editor : Munawaroh

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