7 Ways To Create A Secret Garden In Small Space

 Homlovely.com - Living in limited land or narrow house make claustrophobic. This condition make you must be clever to design and decoration. Especially if you wanna green area like indoor garden or outdoor garden. Here we have 7 Ways To Create A Secret Garden In a Small Space. Check it out!

Make the Entrance


Especially you have small space at home, you can design it that can look like spacious area for secret garden. Make entrance to enter that secret garden. You can select many option for the garden entrance. Like pairing the entrance with string light or put some vines for the example.

Screening and Hedges for Privacy Area


If you create the secret garden at backyard, you can make over it into gorgeous and stunning spot. Use fence and hedges for privacy area. Create the fence with pile of stones and combine with evergreen hedges. It can bring natural ambience and feel spacious area at backyard. 

Hang the Clay Pot of Plants as Vertical Garden


No need more space if you wanna create garden at small house. You can use the empty wall for vertical garden. Like hanging the clay pot or vines in this wall area. Be it indoor or outdoor area, just use it into wise for pretty and stunning spot at home.

Use Attractive Pathways


Creating a pathway at the garden is a must. You can select what pathway shape that suitable for your secret garden. Then, surround the pathway with gravels or coral to get pretty and fresh atmosphere.

Set Up the Lighting


Besides good arrangement for your secret garden, you must install the lamps or other lighting. It can be useful at night if you wanna relax and waste time at night in this secret garden area.

Combine with Furniture


Secret garden that still enough area, can use to put furniture. No need of large or much furniture, just chairs and table or sofa which corresponds to the size of the secret garden. And set up with nicely for eye-catching and comfortable spot.

Create Sense of Privacy


Other way, you can create some elements that sign if your secret garden is privacy spot. Like make barrier with hole or warning signs for the example. Decorate around this area with plants or vines to get a pretty and stunning spot.

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