Five Smart Design Ideas For Small Spaces - If you have an empty area left out, it seems to feel. Then, you can get a move to design this empty area for a useful area. Look at these Five Smart Design Ideas For Small Spaces. Let's check it out!

Fill the empty area with a bookcase or vertical rack


An empty area along the wall maybe can bring a gloomy and lonely accent. Especially if you get a dark design, it will bring horror vibes. 

Then, you can put a bookcase or vertical rack in this space. Fill the rack with books or other ornaments. Install some lighting inside the rack for additional lighting.

Put the cute chairs or vase at the corner or stair


A space spot at the corner area can fill something useful. Especially if it's located at the stairway. You can put cute chairs in the corner area. Or change it with a houseplant or artificial plant in a vase. Choose the right design for the stuff to make it pretty look.

Use under stairs for an enjoyable spot or mini library


Do you see an empty spot under the stair? Then, use it for enjoyable spots, such as building a mini library area for the example. 

Hang the rack that can use for books. And you can put a bench with a cushion to enjoy this area while reading a book. Don't forget with the lighting that can increase the convenience.

A minimalist table in space in the bedroom area


Put a mini table in the space area in your bedroom. This table can use to display your ornaments or key storage or other. Then, put beautiful houseplants or flowers on the side of this mini table.

Create a multifunction bench attached to the barrier


If you are using a minimalist barrier like the picture above, you can use a space area near it for a useful spot. Like for a sitting area or waiting area or also can use for storage. 

You can put a bench that is attached to the barrier. Then, make the under of this bench used for storage. Such as shoe storage or other kinds of stuff.

Author : Yuniar

Editor : Munawaroh

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