7 Simple Living Room Decorating Ideas & Designs

 Homlovely.com - One of the most used spaces at home, you can decorate the living room into a comfortable place. 

Not only is the visual for designing and decorating the living room, but you can also make functional every inch of stuff or space in this living room. Let's check these 7 Simple Living Room Decorating Ideas & Designs.

Hang the TV in a small living room


A small living room can use minimalist and efficient to save more space. You can hang the TV to help the small living room have a comfortable area. Then, you can put a small cabinet that can use as a table and storage under the hanging TV.

Use white hues for a spacious accent


Limited space in the living room can design and decorate wisely. Like making the interior using white hues for basic background design. The color can bring a clean and spacious accent to your home area. Then, put some plants around the living room to give some color effect and a fresh atmosphere.'

Minimize the furniture and stuff


The other tip for your small living room is to minimize or decrease the stuff and things. Having more stuff and a lot of ornaments as decoration can bring a cramped and messy effect. You must use the right furniture in this small living room and minimize the things in the living room area.

Proper design with functional stuff


Besides minimizing the furniture and stuff, you can use multi-functional furniture or stuff to place in this area. Like, make the storage under the table or sofa for example. It will decrease the messy and narrow living room.

Install a foldable or transparent barrier for privacy


Applying the open concept to a small living room can help you to have a spacious area. But, it also can make you or your guests feel no privacy. 

Then, you can install the barrier between the living room and the next room area. No need wall or thick barrier. You can use a foldable or sliding door with transparent material. 

It will give you some benefits if you wanna more space for many people that visit you at home.

Improve the light source and ventilation


Sometimes small rooms have bad air conditioning. And here, with a small living room, you can make the ventilation for purifying the air and get more light from outside.

Hang the mirror to reflect your living room


Try hanging the mirror in your small living room. The mirror has characters that can reflect whatever they catch in their frame. And it can bring a spacious accent to the small living room. 

But, don't hang the mirror facing towards the door or where people are going into. This way can bring bad Feng Shui and make uncomfortable your guests.

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