7 Tips for Living Room Decorating Ideas in Small House

 Homlovely.com - Small house with small living room must use clever way to design and decorate it. Perfect design and decoration can make you avoid messy and narrow room at small house. Here you can check these 7 Tips for Living Room Decorating Ideas in Small House.

Use neutral color


First way, you can use neutral color at small living room. Like beige, white, soft gray, soft orange, and other. 

Not only the interior, you can apply this neutral hues at the items or furniture for matching and stunning design. And also get to minimize the items in the small living room for spacious and avoid crowded accent.

Get white for basic background


Applying white for the basic background at small area can make it look bigger. Such this small living room for the example. Then, you can make the furniture and other elements use similar hues or contrast hues for lively effect and avoid boring and monotonous accent.

Fill the wall with pretty ornaments


Besides the hues, you can make empty wall at small living room fill with pretty ornaments for gorgeous decoration. 

Get the example, if your living room using white for the basic background, you can make the wall's ornaments use contrast color like dark, yellow, and other. Arrange them nicely for great design and decoration of living room area.

Put functional furniture at small living room


Although minimize the items at small living room, you can get functional furniture for multifunction items. Such place the table with storage under it, or use sofa with storage under it too. It can make you easier and feel comfy to clean and arrange them without many elements in this small area.

Don't forget with plants around small living room


Hues, ornaments, and multifunctional done. Then, now you can think about plants at indoor like small living room. It's not make narrow and lush your small living room area. Select the plants that suitable to place at living room. Such they're place at tabletop, or high vase, or hang them at indoor area.

Get up-ceiling for bigger and spacious living room


Commonly found that small house use flat ceiling at indoor area. You can try to make up-ceiling concept for your small living room, like the picture above. 

Using this concept can make your interior look high and bigger for sure. Decorate them with nicely like make pretty combination of color for perfect and comfy home.

Perfect arrangement with open concept


Last tips for small living room that you can try is use open concept. It means, that you don't need to install the barrier between living room and next room. 

Yes, it can get open accent without privacy, but you can make shade barrier with put some foldable barrier or thin barrier to get privacy. 

Or you can put a mini rack with plants or dining table as barrier between living room and next room area.

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Editor : Munawaroh

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