7 Eye-Catching Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

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Simple Porch with Plants


Small yard at home can utilize with nicely to get comfort area. You can make the porch design simple but feel cozy to stay. Then, around the porch with plants or greenery that can bring fresh and natural accent. 

Spiral Landscaping at Small Front Yard


Small front yard and just with lawn maybe bring monotonous ambience. Then, you can design it into charm lively area with stone or brick. Make the brick or stone arrange into spiral like the picture between the grass. It can make you have a unique and pretty front yard.

Walking Pathway Separate Garden and Lawn


The large front yard is perfect for design and decorating into a pretty area. With lawn, you can make other side for lush garden. You can separate them with hedges or walking pathway. Arrange it nicely for stunning and gorgeous place.

Small Front Yard with Short Stairway


You can build short stairway at small front yard. The stairway that going home can design nicely, like make it with unique pattern or good material. Then, grow some plants or trees along this stairway for natural environment.

Hang the Potted Plants for Pretty Garden


Do you haven't front yard? Don't worry, utilize the outside of your home like verandah or porch to design and decoration. You can make small garden at this area with put some potted plants. Such hang them on ceiling or wall or fence, or put them in rack for tidy area, and many others.

Small Front Yard Covering Corals


And here we meet with the small front yard again. No need more effort to design them into pretty and stunning place. You can put some corals or gravels to covering the ground at front yard. 

It can help you to avoid dirty and puddle in rain. You also can make small garden at this area. Or grow some trees that can make calm the environment.

Beautiful Front Yard with Similar Tiles at Fence and Ground


Front yard that has fence can use for vertical garden or other design idea. Then, you can decorate the fence with tiles that has similar pattern or hues with concrete floor at front yard area. 

Arrange the plants at this area like place them at rack or put along the fence area that can make pretty view.

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