7 Bathroom Picture And Design Ideas For Next Inspiration

 Homlovely.com - Getting different at bathroom can give pleasant vibes. Nowadays, many inspirations that you can see at internet about design and decoration. And the following is one of the Bathroom Picture And Design Ideas For Next Inspiration. Check it out!

Minimalist Bathroom in Travel Van


Do you like travelling by car or van? Then, you can make your vehicle into move house. Besides create bedroom and kitchen, the other important that any at vehicle is bathroom

Design it with simple to make you easier in activity. Like make dry bathroom and small area for shower or small bathtub. Try to make the design use neutral or bright for spacious accent.

Use Elegant Concept for Bathroom


Dominating with dark and little bright hues make your bathroom look mysterious and elegant. For the lighting, you can design it into a hidden lamp for expensive looks. Then, you also can make vertical garden or put some hang plants around this bathroom.

Get White Hues in Small Bathroom


Make your small bathroom use white hues for all in this area that can make spacious accent. Besides then, white also can bring clean and tidy vibes. Make the furniture or other items in this bathroom use similar color for stunning and gorgeous looks.

Small Bathroom with Shower Without Delimiter


Small bathroom make confuse to design and decoration. But, here you can make the small bathroom designing into pretty and stunning room at home. 

Near the toilet, make the shower area not use delimiter like glass material as usual. Minimize the items in this bathroom to avoid messy and narrow area.

Simple Design for Bathroom with Squat Toilet


Using squat toilet, this small bathroom has simple design and look minimalist. Dominating with white hues, the bathroom look bigger and feel spacious. Then, you also can make the storage with built-in concept.

Add Some Fresh Plants at Bathroom Area


Large bathroom make you feel comfortable. With bathtub and shower area, you can get relaxing to take a bath after the activity. Don't forget to put plants that can make fresh this bathroom.

Bathroom Design Use Terrazzo Floor


Getting terrazzo floor at bathroom can bring fancy and pretty design. Terrazzo is a composite material that poured in place or precast. Besides floor, you can use terrazzo at wall for stunning design. 

Then, make this bathroom use combining white and gold color for the furniture or other items that can enhance the elegant vibes in this area.

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