House Design Ideas Without Bulkheads - If you have small house or limited land, you can make wise design and decoration. Like use open concept or lose the bulkheads for bigger looks. Look these House Design Ideas Without Bulkheads that can make inspire. Check it out!

Interior View

House with second floor, can bring bigger and spacious area. With the first floor not use bulkheads for spacious accent. You can install flexible baffles as a barrier between spaces. Or you can make the dining table as barrier between living room with next room area. Make the pretty and wise lighting at house for comfortable area.

Living Room

Using bright and neutral hues for interior design can bring spacious accent. With foldable baffles between the living room and next room, you can install hidden lamps for a pretty and compact design. Make the sofa use L-shape for convenient spot at this living room area.


Kitchen that location after living room can use similar interior design. With white color at kitchen, make look bigger and clean area. Then, use measurable kitchen table and other furniture that can avoid narrow and messy area. Put some plants that can help the kitchen have good air.


With calm color for bedroom interior can bring relax and soothing ambience. Don't use many things at bedroom to avoid narrow area. Make the furniture use similar color with interior design for matching and spacious accent.

Indoor Garden

Void area that you have at this small house can use for convenient place. Like make it for indoor garden or laundry area and other. For small area, you can make vertical garden. Then, pair some hang lantern or lamps as lighting at this area.

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