Aesthetic Interior Design Ideas In 2022 - Getting aesthetic, not always in large house. You can apply this style at small house too. Using calm and bright hues for aesthetic style bring different vibes. Look to these Aesthetic Interior Design Ideas In 2022. Check it out!

Living Room

Interior that use peach or cream hues can bring calm effect. You can apply it for your house. For this small living room area, you can minimize to put the furniture, that can make narrow area. Then, put the mini table side and put fresh potted plants for decoration. Make the curtain use long size until floor that bring spacious your living room.


Small area for porch at front house make you must be clever to design and decoration. You can make the land coating with gravels that can avoid dirty. Then, put the measure sitting furniture at this area. You also can put plants for fresh area.

Main Bedroom

This main bedroom look spacious with good arrangement and bright hues for the interior design. Put the bed near the window to get the lighting and natural filtration. Then, put a standing mirror at the side of bed or corner area. Make foldable dresser or study table that can avoid narrow bedroom.

Kid Bedroom

For kid bedroom which is smaller than the main bedroom, can remove the bed frame. You can put the mattress on the floor that can avoid messy and narrow bedroom. Put the mini table or cabinet at the side of mattress for efficient things. Make the wall decorate with pair the wallpaper or hang the picture.

Window facing mattress can bring enough light and good air from outside. You can make pair the curtain with window size or long curtain that can give spacious bedroom. Put the cupboard near the window for right set up.

Dining Table

Small house make you must be clever to design and decoration. You can make the living room use open concept that can avoid narrow home. Then, make the dining table put between living room and next room as barrier. With dining table facing at wall, you can hang the mirror for reflecting the condition. It can make the living room and dining room look bigger.


The small and narrow kitchen makes it difficult to move. You can make linear kitchen table that has function for sink and stove. Hang the cabinet for stuff storage and other. Also, hang the rack for seasoning that can you easy to takes. With nice arrangement, you will have comfortable kitchen even in small and narrow area.

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