Zen Pond: Presenting a Dry Pond inside Your House

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 Homlovely.com - A pond or garden can serve as an open space in your home. The purpose of the open space is to provide better aeration. An open space is also important to provide comfort for everyone who lives in a house. Unfortunately most people do not feel like having a pool or garden in the house because of the tricky maintenance: the process of cleaning, replacement of the pool water regularly to keep it clear, especially when you have pets.

However, did you know that there are types of ponds that don’t have to be wet? It is the zen pond. The zen pond is also known as the zen garden. Let us know more about what zen pond is like.

Where does the term “zen pond” come? Zen garden or zen pond is a garden or pond which brings a quiet atmosphere with simplicity. The term “zen” itself comes from the Japanese philosophy that promotes stillness and silence. At present, zen philosophy is often combined with things that are modern and minimalist due to the similar principle.

You may wonder, if it is not filled with water or soil, then what does it contain? Zen pond can be filled with sand or small stones. The stones often used are the round ones with smooth surface (which is usually used for hot stone therapy salons).


Well, then what is the purpose of bringing the zen pond inside the house? An indoor zen pond or garden brings tranquility and shade. The sand elements are indeed similar to stones, it is just that the sand size is smaller. Both elements have soft colors which create a natural impression. The zen pond can also muffle sound due to the sand nature which can absorb sound vibration.

Unlike the regular pond, this type of pond is dry. Therefore, dry zen pond maintenance is relatively easier than the usual pond.

Five easy steps to build a zen pond


Determine the area and depth of the zen pond desired. Adjust the size and proportions to your house. This is to keep the space you use for zen pond neither excessive nor too small. Proper proportion will also allow you to be creative with the composition of the zen pool later.


Choose materials for the edges of zen pond. If you are planning a zen pool depth which is far different from the height of the floor, choose a material that distinguishes between the floor and the pool for safety reasons. For example, by selecting another color.


Consider the selection of sand or stones for the zen pool (size, shape). Fill the pond with same colored sand. The sand element is similar to stone in which both have soft colors to create a natural look.


Flatten first the sand in the zen pool. Using a stick, you can add texture to the pond, such as by repeating wavy lines, drawing rainbow, and so fort. It’s just like what we usually do when painting on the sand beach.

Put your ornaments to enhance the zen pool. Coral and rocks can be great ornaments in a zen pond. Objects of art or natural collection could be used as a focal point in the zen pond.

When the zen pond is no longer effective

Bored with your zen pond or zen garden? Relax, no need to worry, no need to immediately bury the floor or cover it with stucco. Here we present some creative tips that can be used to work around this:


Frequently change the main ornament of your indoor zen pond. Make your zen pond as a display space for your collections from time to time.

Simply change the function. Place the sea corals, shells, some colorful plastic bucket and shovel in it. Now your zen pools has been converted to a play area for your little kid, which resembles a small beach in the house.

Remove the large ornaments from the zen pool. Place a piece of thick glass on the top of the pool, which has the same size of the pool too. Make sure it is on the same level with the floor height. The glass can be held by metal or cement which is added on the inner part of the pond edge. Now you have your unique floor in your house in which you can enjoy the beautiful view under your feet.

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