Tips to Design a Minimalist Teenage Girl's Bedroom

Cute Pink Girls Bedroom with Polka Dot Wallpaper - Designing a bedroom for girls is so much fun since you will deal with a lot of unique details that have to be prepared. It is very different from the design of bedroom for boys, because girls need a lot more detail. As a parent, you should also accommodate what is desired by your teenage girl since she might have her own desires in designing her bedroom.

Just let your teenage girl express the idea of ​​making a minimalist girls bedroom as she wishes. This will bring a positive impact on your teenage girl; making her more comfortable in her private area. In addition, she will also feel proud of what she has done to make her bedroom design more interesting.



Bedroom theme is a necessary thing to consider when designing girls bedroom. Flower or other funny and cute themes like snow white and cartoon characters are generally well-liked by girls. You can directly ask her what she likes about the theme so it is easier to apply the theme in the bedroom.

Paint Colors


In general, girls prefer soft and light colors for their rooms. Wall paint colors for girls bedroom are synonymous with colors like pink, blue or the one which is becoming a trend, purple. These colors are very liked by teenagers and very suitable when applied to girls bedroom in a minimalist style. This is because the colors look feminine, yet they also give the impression of a soft and cool shade to a room. Bright paint colors like purple, blue and pink will make a bedroom look more spacious and airy.

Wall Design


As said earlier, girls prefer colorful bedrooms. Therefore you should apply full decoration on the wall of your teenage girl’s bedroom. Choose beautiful wallpaper with pictures that your little girl likes. It would be great if you ask her what she really likes for her bedroom.

Furniture and Accessories


For girls, the existence of furniture in the bedroom is obligatory. For them, furniture is something special with its own charm. We recommend choosing furniture such as bed, sofa, table, and desk with a unique design. You also need to choose bedroom accessories that match the characters of girls, such as dolls or pillows with cute patterns.

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