Tips to Feng Shui Your Living Room - Your living room is a gate which separates the public area from the private area in your house. A good living room layout will provide a good impression for any guests visiting your house. Feng Shui, which is widely used in home design, covers everything about home, including a living room design. Then, how to bring positive energy into the living room?

The following are several things you should consider when you want to create a comfortable living room. If your living room has positive energy, it will spread the energy to other rooms in your house, thus making your house feel more comfortable and bring you fortune.

First, for those of you who want to Feng Shui the living room, you should consider the shape of the living room first.  The recommended shape for a living room is square since it will provide energy which always moves without any difficulty. Avoid any cut or curve in the living room.


Any cut part in the living room create an impression of less intimacy among the family members. Later on it will bring many conflicts into the family life.

In addition to the shape of the living room, you also need to consider the selection of the living room door.

Secondly, like what is said previously, door selection is very important. The living room door should be made from strong material since it will reflect on your strong family as well. A fragile door will make your family fragile.


Additionally, you should make the door in a way that when you open it, it moves inside the house. It means that all the blessings from outside are welcome inside the house, not thrown out.


Third, you should pay attention to the living room floor as well. Make sure that it has neat and regular shape and design. You don’t need to use pieces of ceramics in irregular shapes because it will only make the living room look not neat and less beautiful.

Author : Yuniar

Editor : Munawaroh

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