3 Things You Should Know in Designing a Teenage Girl Bedroom

Beautiful Teenage Girl Bedroom Furniture

 Homlovely.com - Having a new house means dealing with a lot of home interior decoration stuff. You’ll deal with tiring tasks that are actually fun and challenging. If you have children, you will deal with even a lot more details, especially in a teenage girl’s bedroom. It needs longer time to design your teen girl’s bedroom since it requires a lot of preparation. Make the bedroom look beautiful, nice, elegant, and also girly.

Here are what you need to consider when designing a teenage girl bedroom:

1. Bedroom Furniture

Choose a single size bed with a suitable bed linen. Navy blue, green, orange, yellow, or pink bed linen will enhance your child’s bed. Also choose a wardrobe that suits your teenage girl’s taste and personal style, such as a wardrobe with floral ornaments.


Other furniture that should exist in a girl’s bedroom are a desk and a dresser. Teen girls would have started to make up their face so it takes two tables with different functions. Then, add some shelves to store other items. Make sure that all of the furniture in your teenage girl’s bedroom is suitable to her age, taste, and personal style.

2. Furniture Arrangement


You must arrange the furniture properly to create an attractive and comfortable bedroom for your teenage girl. Put the bed between the walls, not against the wall. Adjust the distance between the furniture well. Do not place the furniture too close to each other in order to make your child can move freely. For bedroom furniture with the same color, you can arrange it more freely. However, if each piece of furniture has different color, you should arrange them more carefully.

3. Beautiful Colors

It’s important to choose sweet yet calm colors for teen girl’s bedroom walls. Create a degradation of colors or paint the wall with a mix of different colors.


Most teenage girls like to have a mix of wall paint colors for their bedroom. A mix of colors, like pink and blue, purple and green, which are repeated will make their bedroom more colorful and attractive. However, there are also teenage girls who like to have only one paint color for their bedroom, such as the color pink, blue, purple, green, yellow, or orange. In fact you can also combine the color with the wallpaper to beautify your child’s bedroom.

Another thing to consider is the curtains. Use curtains that are suitable with the bedroom design. Also, you should not forget to add more decorative items for the bedroom. It would be much fun for your teenage girl if she already knows what she wants for her bedroom.

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