Tips to Decorate a Summer Living Room - Colorful home decoration and some projects can make the living room look warm, like in a summer. Here are some tips to transform the existing space into something new with a touch of summer style.

Start with Neutral


Prepare a neutral colored living room as a whole. Try making the space filled with furniture with perfect shapes. More colors on the background and some fresh furniture arrangement will make the room more alive.

Add Color


All that you need to create a summer style interior is to splash colors and rearrange furniture.  Previously, set a pair of sectional sofas facing each other so that guests can now focus on the conversation. A color scheme of yellow and bright green will brighten the wall.

Rearrange the Furniture


You can do something with the sectional seating if rearranging all furniture feels less flexible. Reconfigure the pieces to create a new look. It will create the impression of a summer full of visitors, and also encourage good conversation. Add a table where guests can have drinks and snacks. Cover the tile with a carpet with a summer motif. It would look nice to use a cream carpet and seafoam green color with a checkerboard pattern that will add a dose of color on the floor.

Add Colors on Window Accessories


Apply a new color scheme in a neutral space. To simplify the process, find one inspirational part which becomes the focus of the redesign. Displaying a summer feel in the living room, a green – white graphic cloth can be used as the focal point. You can also use curtain clips and tablecloth as room curtain panels.

Create a Reading Corner


At the corner of the room, put the sectional sofa that becomes a comfortable reading spot near the window. It can be a miniature version of your living room. Also add artwork, small tables, lamps, and accent pillows.

Personalize the Side Table


Try to be creative with glass-top bistro table such as adding a few pieces of wood letters and stickers. You can look for it in scrapbook craft stores. Update accents and sentiment for every season.

Create a Cheerful Corner


Turn the corner space into a cozy dining area, using a pair of bistro tables and leather ottoman as a window seat. Add bright colors and accent colors to the wall that enhance the joy of the living room.

Curtains Cafe


Hang some square napkins with a photo print motif as an accent for the window. Use the clip window which is attached to the window rail. If you have a larger window, sew two napkins into one.

Seat Cover


Adding a splash of color on a wooden dining chair with seat cover made of a pedestal dish towels is not expensive. And, create your own a bit of ribbon embroidery or other creations to make it look way cheerful. 

Author : Yuniar

Editor : Munawaroh

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