4 Colors to Create a Calming Effect in Your Kid Bedroom

 Homlovely.com - To create a comfortable bedroom, people often add warm elements to it. This is to create an atmosphere of relaxation and intimacy as a private area and a space to rest. Warm colors tend to be intense and able to stimulate people who see the colors. However, you can also present a cool shade to your child’s bedroom. These cool colors have calming effects which are good to be applied in a kid’s bedroom.

These colors are in the blue side of the color wheel. Although carrying a calming effect, too dark colors tend to suppress people who see the colors.

For those of you who want your child bedroom to look cool, soothing, more spacious, and elegant, you can consider these colors.

1. White


White can be a good choice for your child’s room. This color is often associated with peace, confidence, happiness, cleanliness, and purity. This color reflects 80 percent of light, especially in a room. That’s why, a white space feels brighter and bigger than a space painted with another color. White wall paint color in your child’s room is actually a good choice. Various colorful decorations can look beautiful in a white room.

2. Light Purple


This color is known to give a romantic feel and can be combined with any element. Unfortunately, the color purple can make you feel sad and frustrated. However, if you still want to choose this color for your child’s bedroom, you’ll want to choose the light purple. This color can give a sense of peace and romance. Moreover, light purple is suitable for a feminine child bedroom.

3. Green


In addition to white and purple, the color green is also able to create self-confidence, hope, and give you peace. As long as it is not a too dark, this color can be refreshing. You can also combine warm colors like red and orange with this color. Or, you can present some wall stickers with natural shades as accents for your child’s room decor.

4. Blue


The blue color is often defined as peace, depth of feeling, sensitivity, wisdom, confidence, and stability. Blue is also a color that is able to slow down the nervous system of humans and create a soothing effect. This color prepares the body for sleeping, because it is able to soften the bright room and make people feel calm inside. However, blue color that is too dark can give the same effect with black, which is too much to absorb light and suck your energy. So, make sure that blue is also combined with neutral colors like white through room decorating accents.

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