Eco-Friendly Home Tips for Going Green in Your Bedroom

Eco Friendly Bedroom with Open Concept and Glass Wall - Green living or green lifestyle can be applied anywhere. If you have not been able to implement an eco-friendly lifestyle throughout your home, you can begin gradually in one room, for example in the bedroom.

Here are some ways to create an environmentally friendly bedroom:


If your bed frame is made ​​of wood, make sure the wood was sourced from well-managed forests. When buying it, ask the seller, where the wood came from and how the process of finishing it. Do not buy a bed featuring wood from illegal logging or wood in which the finishing process uses chemicals that are harmful for the environment.


The mattress is the most comfortable part of a bedroom. But you should know that kapok which is used as mattress contents are mostly made from petrochemicals that cannot be renewed. Use organic mattress, which is mattress with kapok taken from natural fibers. Natural kapok mattress is safer from germ attacks that cause allergies, or mites and dust, so this mattress also will keep you healthy.


Blankets are made of various kinds of textile materials. What textile materials are environmentally friendly? Natural textiles are safe and comfortable for the skin, and do not cause allergies. In addition, dye materials used in the production of textiles may contain excessive chemical elements. Use natural cotton fibers and make sure the textile production process produces no waste that is destructive for nature.


Bedroom lighting systems are associated with electrical energy efficiency issues. Bedroom lights should use LED lights and do not need high power lights. Use a low wattage lamps (low watt) which is sufficient for reading only. To obtain sufficient natural lighting for the bedroom you can install a large mirror which will reflect light. It is also a good idea to put a transparent roof tile in some corner of the roof, so that the sunlight can enter your bedroom. Large windows are also helpful to keep the bedroom bright during the daytime. In this way, you won’t need to use the lights during the day which means more electrical energy and money saved.


The walls should be painted with a paint that is also environmentally friendly. Do not use toxic paints. The characteristics of paints containing toxic can be known from the smell. Water-based paint has a smell that is not too overpowering. This type of paint must have a low VOC (volatile organic compounds) level. While oil-based paint usually contains VOCs and has a strong smell. Be careful in choosing paint products.


Those are some simple tips you can do to create an eco-friendly bedroom design. This bedroom would be good not only for you, but also for this planet for sure.

Author : Yuniar

Editor : Munawaroh

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