Black and White Bedroom Ideas for Teenagers

Black White Bedroom Idea - Bedroom decoration is necessary, especially for those of you who have children who started growing up. Teens’ bedroom decoration will usually be adapted to the character and preferences of the owner of the room (in this case a teenager).

There is one interesting room decorating idea suitable for teenagers. A black bedroom decor can be a good choice. You definitely can add a touch of another color on the black bedroom.


White color, for example, is a color option which looks nice when combined with the color black because it is believed to create a harmony. The combination of black and white can be presented through the wallpaper or black wall paint along with white bedroom objects.


In addition to creating a harmony, black-and-white can also grow the power in teenagers. Unfortunately the power is often a source of rebellion against the children around them. In order to not give excessive power on your child, you should use grayish black color, black-gray, and black-and-white color combination with other bright colors. With this color combination, your child’s room will look more attractive, contrast, and remain in harmony.

Decorating Teen Rooms with Black Domination


Black on teen room decor has the meaning of ‘greatness’. It also can create the impression of an elegant and classy room. Meanwhile, for a narrow bedroom, the decorating idea with black domination is arguably less suitable because it will make the room look narrower.


So, for those of you who have a fairly narrow teens’ bedroom, avoid using black for the part of your wall. Avoid using black wallpapers for your teenager’s room. Instead, use white color or other bright colors so the room looks more spacious. Another idea is to put sleek furniture. Mirrors can also be used to create an impression of a more spacious bedroom.

Black and White Teen's Bedroom Idea  


Combining the color of white and black for a room can be said as a modern decoration idea. This idea can be applied on the wall which installed with wallpaper or painted with black color. For the bedroom accessories, furniture, bed cover, and bed sheets you are free to choose whether they are black or white, depending on your taste. This room decoration will definitely create a very modern and attractive look.

Design Trend for Children’s Bedrooms


As for the children, it would be much better when their rooms are decorated with bright colors such as orange color depicting an optimistic attitude, ambitious red, cheering yellow, soothing white, and black which symbolizes strength. The combination of all these types of colors will create an energetic impression on the bedroom.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Teenage Boys and Girls


Teenage boys and girls must have different tastes and ideas for their bedroom decoration. For instance, boys tend to prefer wallpapers with pictures related to their hobby such as sports, music, automotive, gaming, and inspirational figures. Meanwhile, the girls not only focus on the theme of the wallpaper, but also on the color of the wallpaper.

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