Super Ganda - Half Clading House Design in Low Cost - Home is a comfortable place to live. Even though the house is small, it doesn't hinder the comfort felt for the family who live in it. You can do the right design and setup for a cozy and safe home for your family. So, see and find out some designs of Super Ganda - Half Clading House Design at a Low Cost with Renovation pictures.

Before renovation

First, look at the pictures of the renovation or house construction process in the picture above. It can be seen that this house is built with light bricks and also half of the other materials on the other side of the building. It seems that this house also has a fairly large window even though this residence is built on a fairly small land.

After renovation

And you can see the results. The house looks stunning with the sides of the house having a distinctive cement design. And the other side has a chic half-cladding design with a combination of gray and white colors. Place some plants in the front area of the house for a chic and fresh atmosphere.

Rare area

For the rare area design, features the side area of the house that refers to the back area of the house. Or it can be said that the corner area of the house is at the back. It can be seen that this house has windows on the side and also at the back of the house. In addition, fill the empty backyard area with some plants that will make the environment more colorful and not boring.

Mini garden

And next to the house, there is an empty area that can be filled to make the spot more beautiful. Like making a mini garden for example. You can put some potted plants in this side area of the house. Or grow trees or fruits to make the house stand out.

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