9 x 11 Meters Simple House Design

Homlovely.com -- The appearance of a home is the first impression when others see it. A simple look like this design will be favored both now and in the future because it has a timeless look. If you have 9 x 11 meters of land, you can build it like this. Check out 9 x 11 Meters Simple House Design.

Exterior design

The front looks like it has a very neat look with a good application of color and a very balanced combination of light and dark tones. This house has a raised porch with an additional railing as a feature that makes the area safer.

Living room

The interiors are designed with a similar concept and display a clean and neat impression. The sofa is nicely arranged facing the TV cabinet. There is not much furniture in this area, giving the rest of the space a spacious and cozy feel.

Kitchen design

The kitchen has a linear table placed in the window area so that the owner can cook comfortably while enjoying the outdoor view. For additional storage, you can place a cabinet on the wall near the window. Choose matching colors to make it look unified.

Bedroom design

The bedroom was designed in a completely all-over white color. But to make it more varied, choose furniture with more stunning yet natural colors such as earth-tone. The room can be filled with furniture that is tailored to your needs.

Floor plan design

Measuring 9 x 11 meters, this house has a porch that is great for relaxing. The interior is laid out with an ideal layout. There is a living area, dining area, kitchen, bathroom, and 3 bedrooms. See the details in the picture above.







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Author     : Hafidza
Editor      : Munawaroh
Source    : Tiny House Design

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