Small House Design (6x7 Meters) with Roofdeck

Small House Design (6x7 Meters) with Roofdeck -- Minimalist small house design can be the right choice for those of you who have narrow land and a tight budget. A simple and minimalist look, suitable for city and village areas especially with the addition of a roofdeck. Simple and affordable, let's check this Small House Design (6x7 Meters) with Roofdeck out!

Minimalist Small House Design

This house design looks simple and minimalist with bungalow style. The building lines are smooth with a minimalist and modern shape. With a small area, this house has up to 2 bedrooms, perfect for your small family. 

Side View

This minimalist bungalow-style house has a simple and functional look. Unlike most houses, this house has a small roofdeck at the top of the terrace. This side view looks varied thanks to the minimalist and space-saving spiral staircase.

Lots of Windows and Ventilation

This is the rear view of the house. The design of this house looks varied thanks to the many windows and vents. The size varies, depending on the needs of each room. There is also an additional door on the back side.

Simple Sloping Roof Design

Matching the simple bungalow facade, this house uses a 2-sided sloping roof model, arranged in layers to give a more attractive impression. The addition of a roofdeck is also considered to get additional space. Suitable for relaxing during sunset, breathing fresh air and enjoying the warm atmosphere with loved ones.

Floor plan

House Features:

- 2 bedrooms

- Bathroom

- Living Room, Kitchen, and Dining Room

- Terrace

- Roofdeck

Interior Design 

This house has a fairly small size, to maximize it, the interior of the room is made open space without doors between the main rooms. Use furniture with minimalist models and slim sizes, while still prioritizing function but not leaving style.

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Author : Rieka

Editor : Munawaroh

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