OFW Small House Bungalow with Roof deck l 6x7 Meters

Homlovely.com -- Small house designs are the perfect choice for those on a tight budget. By prioritizing function without abandoning style, the following OFW Small House Bungalow with Roof deck l 6x7 Meters presents the perfect look. Suitable for your small family, check it out!

Front View

Seen from the front side, this house looks quite simple with a bungalow style and is equipped with a small roofdeck. The design of the house with concrete material can be an affordable and sturdy minimalist home solution. The roofdeck also looks safe with an iron railing.

House Design with Roofdeck

Roofdeck or balcony is one of the additional areas that can be owned, both small houses and large houses. The presence of a roofdeck located outdoors can be the most comfortable place to relax with your little family. With the roofdeck, this small house becomes more complete.

Side View

With a size of only 6x7 meters, this house needs to maximize the layout of the room along with the exterior design. This house is made to have many windows and vents so that the small room inside is cooler and easier to breathe.

Top View

This is the top view of the house. The design is simple yet neat and modern. The roofdeck has a small section without a roof, which also serves as a roof for the terrace below. Then for the rest of the house using a sloping roof, which is arranged in layers creating a more stunning impression.

Floor Plan

House features:

- 2 Bedrooms

- Toilet and Bathroom

- Living Room

- Kitchen and Dining Area

- Roofdeck

Estimated Cost:

Bare Finish- 400k php- 500k php(8300usd-10,300usd)

Standard Finish - 1,050,000 php(21,700usd)

Interior Design

Looks simple from the outside, don't be mistaken! Because the inside of the house will amaze you even more. The interior design is clean and bright with a white color combined with soft pastel pink. The small space feels spacious and luxurious, thanks to the high ceiling and the beautiful crystal chandelier.

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Author : Rieka

Editor : Munawaroh

Source Mk Designph

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