Pretty Pictures of Simple Concrete House Design - Concrete houses are indeed in great demand in this era. In addition to being strong, it also makes the house look sturdier from erratic weather conditions or when there is a natural disaster. Therefore, we have several Pretty Pictures of Concrete House Design that look slick and no less attractive than other modern houses. So, just check it out!

Simple steps for elevation house

Houses that are built a bit high from the surrounding environment certainly provide many benefits. Such as avoiding natural disasters, floods, and also unexpected attacks by wild animals. To access a house that has a different height from the surroundings, you can make a minimalist staircase. Whether it's small or surrounding the house, adjust the budget and also the design conditions of this small house.

Neat box planter ideas

Decorate this tiny house by making a beautiful garden. You can grow some plants in a box planter or in pots. Arrange it well so that the residence looks more attractive and has a refreshing atmosphere.

House design in blue tone

The dominance of white is indeed very suitable for this small minimalist house. To avoid monotony, give a touch of blue to the design of this small house. You can place the blue color on the roof of the house or in some spots of the house to make the design more extraordinary.

Simple concrete small house design

The design of this small concrete house looks like it has just been completed. With the appearance of cement on the exterior of the house, there is a blue color that decorates the roof of this house. And the windows on each side of the house help this small house have good air space and lighting so that it does not make the dwelling feel stuffy.

Matching design of house and garden

Finally, the concrete house design image above is very pleasing to the eye. In addition to the simple design of the house, the arrangement of the surrounding environment also makes you feel itchy to take a lot of photos. A good arrangement makes this house suitable for you to rest and replenish the energy that has been drained.

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