Clever 7 Tips to Maximizing Your Minimalist Home Design - A minimalist house that was built in an area of 150 sqm looks good with the right design and decoration. Especially if you want to maximize the entire room, which has the goal of being inhabited by many people. For details, let's look together for Clever 7 Tips to Maximizing Your Minimalist Home Design.


The exterior has a simple and minimalist design. With white shades, there are wide windows which will certainly make the room have good ventilation and lighting. Try to create a minimalist small garden in the front area of the house for a fresher and more comfortable dwelling.

Cozy rooftop

This residence built on more than one floor also provides an empty area at the very top (rooftop). This will certainly make residents feel free when they want to observe the surrounding environment but also need calm or privacy. The design of this rooftop area is functional so that it feels comfortable when used.

Open plan concept

For the result of a more spacious room, you can apply the concept of no partitions or open plans. By combining several rooms into one, of course, it will make the room more efficient. And it can also facilitate the mobility of activities. In addition, this concept can also save more space.

Compact design

The use of compact design and arrangement certainly makes the room more functional and tidy. In addition to being able to eliminate loose space because it is not utilized, the use of a compact design will also help to save more space in your home.

Minimalist decoration

Decoration is also necessary for a slick and aesthetic residence. There is no need for decorations or ornaments that are many and also expensive. Simply place plants or other decorations that are suitable to enhance the atmosphere in the room.

Gold touch for elegant

So that this minimalist residence that has a basic white design is not monotonous, you can give a touch of gold in several parts. Such as lamp furniture that wears gold color, for example. Use only in moderation for elegant, eye-catching results.

Additional lighting

Besides the main light as indoor lighting, you can install additional lamps as additional lighting. Place these additional lights in some parts that you think are suitable and can improve aesthetics. Such as behind the mirror, in the corner of the room, and so on.

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