Beautiful Modern Small House with Mini Pool - Small houses are not always similar in having an uncomfortable and messy design. With the rigth design, it will certainly give the impression of a beautiful and stunning house. Here we will provide a review of a Beautiful Modern Small House with a Mini Pool. Check it out!

Modern design

The façade of this house with a box design looks slick and stunning. Especially with an open garage where the garage roof is given additional aesthetic lights. Not only that, the yard of this small house is also overgrown with grass and makes a path for a fresh and elegant home impression.

Living room

Earth-tone design in the interior of the house provides a comfortable and soothing look. The living room, which is made with an open concept and combined with the family room, has the right design. Hang the TV on the wall to save more space. And also put only important furniture so that it does not fill the room and make it stuffy and uncomfortable.

Mini pool area

This small backyard area can be used for fun spots. You can create a garden or create a small swimming pool to make it more functional. Don't forget to decorate this backyard by installing hidden lights or lanterns that are hung as additional lighting.

Bedroom design

For bedroom design, you can adjust according to the needs and character of the residents. Make a minimalist design so that the bedroom feels more comfortable and not stuffy. 

Also pay attention to the arrangement of furniture, items, and their position so as not to have a negative effect or discomfort for its occupants. Such as not putting the bed parallel to the entrance, because this will make the occupants uncomfortable.

Compact kitchen

The combination of white and stainless materials in the kitchen gives the impression of an elegant and modern room. Especially with a kitchen table that has a letter-U design, it can make the design more efficient and functional. Don't forget to make windows or air vents in this kitchen area as access to lighting from the outside and also good air filtration.

Author     : Yuniar
Editor      : Munawaroh
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