8 x 8 Meters Small House Design and Plans


Homlovely.com --  Worrying about a small plot of land on which to build a house is unimportant if you find a clever design with a lovely arrangement. It has an elegant appearance and is balanced with a neat, modern exterior. These low-cost home improvement ideas are exactly what you require right now. Starting from the outside in may be the best option.


 Detail facade
The exterior of this low-cost house is designed with neat and simple details. Look elegant with exposed cement adhesive accents. This modern facade model resembles a detailed box house with a flat pillar concept. The fashionable look with a large courtyard makes the facade design more modern.

This house has contrasting, elegant color details with a tropical touch that adds to the concept of a fresher home. A more appealing modern look can provide a low-cost home unity with a luxurious design.

Design of living room

The room in this house has interesting details thanks to the open plan concept. The open plan concept was chosen to provide more space for relief and elegance. The right decor details are used in this room, and the interior selection is more neutral. Accent lighting from the direction of the window is quite dominant, making the living room feel brighter.

Kitchen ideas

The following room combines a kitchen and a dining room. Letter L kitchen with a complete cabinet in white color is proportionate to the living room, making the house cleaner. The dining room furniture accommodates the entire large family.


The bedroom in this house has a warm natural nuance interior. The contrast of gray with black accents creates a simple impression. The details are quite firm and just right for the size of a minimalist bedroom.

Floor plan

This 8 x 8 meter house has a well-organized spatial layout. This house has two bedrooms, as well as open areas without partitions for the living room, kitchen, and dining room. It still has front space for the house's terrace and the carport. The dimensions are shown in the image above; you can use different sizes depending on your needs and land area.






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