72 sqm Super Ganda | OFW House Design with 2 Bedrooms

 Homlovely.com - House that was built in one-storey by an OFW single mother as a result of her hard work looks so stunning and comfortable. The homeowner feels proud of the house because even though it is small, the house give a convenient feeling. And this house built at 72 sqm doesn't require much budget that will drain the pocket. Let's take a look at the design of a minimalist house of 72 sqm with cozy rooms.

Facade (before renovation)

The design of this house looks slick even though it is still in the appearance of cement on the exterior. The design of the house, which has a half-sloping roof on both sides, is designed in a minimalist way. 

It appears that the front of the house is divided into two, namely one side for the entrance, and on the other side, there is a window that is indeed used as a bedroom.

Pretty house after renovation

And for finishing the design of a 72 sqm house, it looks good after being painted in bright colors. The use of vertical lines in this terrace area functions as a secondary skin so that residents have a sense of privacy.

Living room

Entering the interior, it seems that you will find the living room in the front room of this 72 sqm house. The letter L sofa with a curved design at the corner fits perfectly with the size of the living room and this will certainly not make the room look cramped. 

Try to install curtains on the window using the same color as the room to make it look matching and stylish.

Kitchen area

Still in the same room as the living room, it seems that there is a kitchen area and also a dining room. You can separate this room from the living room using a minibar or dining table. 

It appears that the kitchen area has a letter L table to adjust the building. And don't forget that the presence of large and small windows helps the kitchen area have sufficient lighting and smooth air circulation.

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