(30sqm) 2 Bedrooms Simple House Design Idea

Homlovely.com -- Small minimalist house designs are still very popular. Who would have thought, with a small land size, the following (30sqm) 2 Bedrooms Simple House Design Idea can be a comfortable place to live in! Curious about the layout? Let's check this out!

Simple Facade

Having a simple look, there is no doubt that this is an affordable small house! The design is minimalist with a bungalow style, creating a practical and compact side. This house looks clean and homey with soft color choices.

Small Cozy Terrace

Stylized as a bungalow, this house also features a small terrace at the front. A simple look with a cozy layout. This small terrace is equipped with a long wooden bench for relaxing, with a safe canopy and pillars.

Lots of Windows and Ventilation

This small house is only 5x6 meters in size, hence the need to maximize the design for the comfort of the owner. This house itself has quite a lot of windows and also ventilation for smooth air circulation and good breathing.

Affordable Sloping Roof

To match the simple bungalow facade design, this house is equipped with a sloping roof. The simple 1-layer design is suitable for small houses that are cheap. Don't forget to make it wider so that it can protect each side maximally.

Floor Plan

The first floor is used for common rooms, such as the living room, dining room, and kitchen. With its small size, this room is made open space without a partition. This will make the room more comfortable. 

House features:

- Terrace

- Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen

- 2 Bedrooms

- Bathroom

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Author : Rieka

Editor : Munawaroh

Source COMPASS 90

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