Minimalist Interior Home Design (6.5 x 15 meters)

 Homlovely.comThis minimalist house built with dimensions of 6.5m x 15m looks chic and comfortable to live in. Careful design and planning certainly produce a good and attractive residence. Moreover, the right arrangement makes the dwelling not feel narrow for residents. Here we will provide some ideas and inspiration regarding minimalist and comfortable home interior design and decoration.

Minimalist interior

Entering the main room, a design without partitions or open is an option in this 6.5 x 15-meter house. This is because it will give the impression of a room that looks spacious and airy and is also one of the smart tricks for a small room.

This main room is filled with a living room, kitchen, and dining room. No need to put a lot of items or furniture, only the important thing is that the room is not too narrow and messy.

Get elegant with soft gray

Using soft gray or pastel gray certainly gives the impression of an elegant and calm design. In order not to be monotonous, combine it with white for stylish and eye-catching results.

Cozy bedroom

The wooden floor in the bedroom gives the impression of a warm and cool room in summer. Not only that, the concept of sitting on the floor without a cot makes the bedroom feel more spacious and relieved. Wide windows can be covered with curtains for results of a private room for residents.

Minimalist item

Minimizing the placement of items or furniture that is less needed can help for a more spacious occupancy. Use only important items and give a little decoration for the results of a neat and stylish room.

Back of house design

The back area of the house which is used as a kitchen, dining room, and also the laundry area is neatly designed like an outdoor garden. By giving a little transparent roof in the corner, it can give the area enough lighting.

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