Inspiration of Cluster House Design 6m x 12m

 Homlovely.comHousing or cluster houses with type 66 have a building area of 66 square meters. With a land area of approximately 72 square meters, of course, this house still has vacant land around it. For more information, see the following review below.

Modern and minimalist house design

Modern design appears in the exterior area or façade of this house. With a flat roof, of course, this building looks simple and sleek. Not only that, the combination of gray and broken white gives the impression of timeless.

Open plan concept

To get around a simple residence, an open concept without partitions certainly needs to be applied. Like this 66 sqm house, by combining the living room, kitchen, and dining room on the first floor, it will make the residence feel spacious and comfortable.

Simple kitchen design

This kitchen area and pantry look neat with the right arrangement. By making shelves as a divider between furniture or items in the kitchen, it can help the kitchen stay neat and kept clean.

Bathroom under stairway

The empty area under the stairs can be used as a bathroom. Although it seems small and narrow, with the right arrangement, it will make this bathroom feel comfortable when used. Try to use a matching interior design for a stunning and eye-catching finish.

Pretty bedrooms design

Minimalist bedroom design does provide a comfortable feeling. By utilizing the existing space and used as a functional place, it will certainly make the occupants of this bedroom feel comfortable because it can increase productivity.

To get around a small and narrow room or bedroom, and you want to have your own dressing area, you can try like the picture above.

Installing a mirror on the wall and also making the table have a hanging or folding design, can certainly help to save more space.

As with any makeup area, you can use simple and tricky designs to create a comfortable study or workspace.

By utilizing the corner of the existing room or space, start to design and arrange the study or work area.

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