8 x 5 Meters Small House Design and Floor Plan

Homlovely.com -- A good house doesn't always have to be big. Take a look at this small home design that has a beautiful look with tricks that keep the space cozy and functional. If you are looking for a house with a simple design and small size, check out 8 x 5 Meters Small House Design and Floor Plan.

Exterior design

The exterior design has a simple look using a minimalist concept so there are not many details on the building structure which makes it easier to build and cost-effective. The finishing is made more attractive with a variety of matching colors and has a wood color that makes the house look warm especially with the addition of wall lights.

Floor plan design

The small house with the exterior you saw earlier requires a 5 x 8 meter area that is made wide so that the house looks large from the front. This house is also designed with a more private space by placing the guest area on the porch so there is no need to enter the house. 

In addition, the interior facilities are equipped with a dining area, kitchen, bathroom, and also 2 bedrooms. See the details in the picture above.

Porch with living area

This is a porch design that is cleverly utilized as an outdoor living area. The owner can furnish it with furniture such as sofas, chairs, and tables. Even though it is an outdoor area, it is still comfortable with a wide and shady roof, and there is a railing for more safety.

Kitchen and dining area

For the interior, the dining area and kitchen are very close together but still spaced out for optimal access. The kitchen area uses a stone wall that provides variety and makes the house look more attractive. In addition to the window as ventilation, keep the cooker hood so that the smoke does not make the room stuffy.


Finally, there is a bedroom with a soothing concept using natural color combinations. White walls combined with wood on the other side can not only provide a warm atmosphere but also make the impression more beautiful and not boring. As a final touch, plants can be placed in the corner of the room for a fresh look.

Author     : Hafidza
Editor      : Munawaroh
Source    : 7N Design

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