Low-Cost 70 Sqm Modern Bungalow House Design | 2 Bedrooms

Low-Cost 70 Sqm Modern Bungalow House Design | 2 Bedrooms 

Homlovely.com -- Having a small home that is cozy and warm is a dream for some people. But did you know that you don't have to have a lot of budget, you can still build a house. The following Low-Cost 70 Sqm Modern Bungalow House Design | 2 Bedrooms is the right inspiration! Let's check out the full design details below.

Exterior View, Simple But Elegant


No need to spend a lot of budget to make the house look charming. You can get an elegant minimalist home look with the right design, just adjust it to the budget you have. This house has a modern bungalow look with simple characteristics. A spacious terrace with stair access, coupled with warm lighting, is perfect!

Open Space Concept

Open Space

Interior design also determines the charming look of the house, as well as the comfort it offers. The modern minimalist concept in the interior appears as expected, elegant, simple, and affordable. White and earthy colors are perfect for this tiny house. The white lighting, both on the downlights and chandeliers, looks elegant and luxurious!

More Attractive With Wallpaper

Bedroom 1

Creating an attractive home doesn't have to cost a fortune. There are many ideas and hacks that you can try in decorating a room. One of them is with murals or wallpapers. Wallpaper is available in many patterns, and with varying price ranges, just adjust it to your needs and desires.

Cozy Nuance

Bedroom 2

Not only the beauty of the room's appearance, comfort is also a major factor that needs to be considered when designing the interior. A cozy room, especially a bedroom, can make the occupants feel at home. The quality of sleep becomes better, and the body becomes healthier.

Complete Facilities


Even though the land is small, you can still get complete facilities in each room. But of course with efficiency and optimization. This small bathroom has a small size but complete facilities, there is a sink complete with a cupboard, toilet, and shower. What do you think?

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